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We cater to enterprises and their training, compliance, and risk management needs. We work hard to make your entire training and compliance experience as easy, efficient, and painless as it possibly can be. We understand the challenges our clients face managing their businesses and their team members on a day-to-day basis and that drives a constant focus on improving the entire process, from purchase and enrollment, to the quality of our courses and learning platform, to the tracking of your team members training, and providing the best possible support along the way.

Purchase Training Vouchers

Choose as your preferred training provider and you and your team members will enjoy:

Convenience Purchase vouchers in bulk & distribute to your employees for accelerated course enrollment.

Mobile Friendly Courses can be taken on Smart Phones, Tablets, or PCs.

Instant Access Immediate access to course completion certificates to support liquor control or health department inspections and audits.

Live and Email Help Live, dedicated helpdesk support for you and your employees.

History Reporting Instantly access course status and voucher usage for all your team members.

EASY as 1-2-3

1. Purchase the number of Training Vouchers you need and instantly receive your unique Voucher Code (which will not expire until the quantity purchased has been used.)

2. Distribute the code to your team members to use as payment when they register for a course.

3. Track who has registered, who is in progress, who has completed, and how many times the code has been used, at any time you want using our free Voucher History Tool.

Corporate Accounts

Corporate accounts also have access to more valuable, free services. Fill out the form below and we’ll call you to discuss these options.

Dedicated Account Manager Ongoing, dedicated, U.S.-based account manager to support you.

Enrollment and Billing Options A variety of options can be implemented to support the employee experience and accounting processes of your business.

Compliance Reminders Emails to you and/or your team members to remind you of training renewal dates based on your regulatory jurisdiction’s rules.

Store ID Selection Provide us your store list. Your team members will select their Store ID during registration.

Accounting Reports by Store ID Using Store ID numbers captured during registration we’ll provide the detail your accounting department needs to allocate training costs by store, division, region or however you work.

Risk Management Reporting Dashboard Instant access for your management team users including completion and expiration dates, region/division/store IDs, name, course, result, score and instant certificate access.

Private-labelled Registration Portal Branded to match your website styling to provide a private URL for employee course registration and log in. Optional integration with your website allows your employees to initiate their training from your own site.

Regulatory Expertise & Research Assistance in understanding the regulatory requirements in any jurisdiction you operate within.

Need to get your team trained? Bulk Pricing, No Contracts, No Hassle. Let’s Talk.

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